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Corrosion control for extreme conditions

Preventing disaster with corrosion control - lt is clear that the use of SuperCORR A for corrosion control can bring financial savings in reduced maintenance and replacement costs and more importantly greater safety. Most people associate corrosion control with rust,...

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SuperCORR A Protects From Corrosion

SuperCORR A ultra-thin film dry lubricant prevents galling corrosion caused by vibration on printed circuit leads and connectors.Advances in gold plating technology allows manufacturers to reduce plating thickness on the substrate metal used for contacts in electrical...

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SuperCORR A – Dry Lubricant Spray

SuperCORR A -  a dry lubricant and corrosion protective spray that reduces production downtime on industrial automation systems Improving manufacturing productivity needs increasing numbers of robots, handling and positioning systems and conveyors which in factory...

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Reduce Corrosion Fretting

Why use of SuperCORR A for maintenance of electrical connections on Gas Turbines improves performance by reducing corrosion fretting. LP Gas Turbines are used throughout the world by extraction industries and manufacturing plants in remote and hostile locations for...

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Lubricant And Corrosion Inhibitors

How SuperCORR A  protective lubricant prevents seizures of automatic handling systems in the harsh conditions of Industrial cleaning systems.  Specialist cleaning equipment manufacturer C&C Hydrosonics a division of U.S giant Crest Ultrasonics have...

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