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      Industry Approvals

      The following companies have used CORR-EX products:

      Boeing Air Craft Company
      U.S. Air Force
      U.S. Navy
      Conforms to U.S. Military Mil-DTL-87177B (formally MIL-L-87177A) Specifications
      Greek Navy
      Danish Military
      Belgian Defence Force
      BHGE and GE Turbines.
      de Havilland Canada
      Bell helicopters
      Hawker Beechcraft
      Elbit Systems
      BAE Systems
      Raytheon Systems

      The following companies have used EnviroTech Europe products:

      Compressed Gas Association
      NASA, LOX Mechanical Impact Testing
      NASA, GOX Mechanical Impact Testing
      NASA White Sands Test Facility – Solvent Removal following Oxygen System Cleaning
      SAE AMS 2644 (originally MIL-I-25135E Class: 1 & 1A ) Pre-cleaning for Penetrant Testing
      ARP 1755B Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine Materials
      ASTM F 945 Stress Corrosion of Titanium Alloys by Aircraft Maintenance Materials (Method A)
      Douglas Aircraft CSD#1 General Purpose Cleaner
      AMS 1526B Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces
      ASTM D6368 06 stabilised n-Propyl Bromide for use in Vapour Degreasing
      MIL P28809 printed circuit cleaning
      British Aerospace (Airbus) ABR 9-0140; Issue 5A Type 1 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent
      Pratt & Whitney Determination of the Effect of Chemical Cleaners on Non-Metallic Materials
      PWA 36604 Compatibility with PWA 407 Rubber
      PWA 36604 Hot Corrosion Testing of Standard Gas Turbine Engine Alloys
      Boeing D6-17487 Revision L – Exterior & General Cleaners & Liquid Waxes
      Flash Point Tests – ASTM-D-56; ASTM-D-93; ISO 13736 :1997; BS2000 PART 170 1995
      Turkish Air Force – 1st Maintenance Supply Centre
      Belgian Armed Forces (Belgium)
      Air Liquide (France) – Cleaning Oxygen lines
      Schneider Group (France)
      EDF (Electricite de France) & GDF (Gaz de France)
      British Aerospace (Airbus) ABR 9-0140; Issue 5A Type 1 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent (qualified)
      General Motors –  Michigan FID 950603 – Vapour Degreasing & Cold Cleaning
      US Dept. of Transportation Federal Highways – Replacement for Trichloroethylene in Asphalt Testing
      Solar Turbines –  San Diego (Part of Caterpillar)
      Anniston Army Depot – cleaning of M1-A1 tank parts
      AAI Engineering Support (Ft. Knox USA) – cleaning of M-1 and M-2 tank simulator pcbs
      IMP Aerospace (Canada) – Vapour degreasing of sub-assemblies on CT-140 Aurora anti-submarine aircraft and the Sea King helicopter
      United Defense LP (USA) – Vapour Degreasing for sub-assemblies of the 5″-54 Mark 45 5″ Naval Guns
      US Coast Guard (USA) – Cold flush cleaning of air conditioners on the Dolphin helicopter
      USAF (USA) – cleaning pcbs on C-117 simulators
      Naval Surface Warfare Centre – Cleaning sub-assemblies on the Mark 42, Mark 45 5″ guns and the old Mark 20 6″ guns
      Corpus Christi Army Depot (USA) Vapour degreasing GE & Pratt & Whitney engines for use on UH-60 and Blackhawk helicopters
      Southwest Aerospace (USA) – Vapour degreasing pcbs for drone target planes
      Northrup Grumman PEI (Puerto Rico) – Vapour degreasing electronic components of torpedo warheads
      Display Division Pacific Aerospace and Electronics (USA) – Vapour degreasing of electromagnetic relays for Defense satellites
      Litton Guidance and Control (USA) – Vapour degreasing pcbs for military space applications
      Delco Defense Systems Operations (USA) – Vapour degreasing pcbs for thermal imaging systems
      Dept of the Air Force (USA) qualification to AMS 2644 Class 1 Solvent Remover for NDT
      Bell Helicopters
      Panasonic Mobile Communications

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